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Online Friends & Players

This feature is available to our VIP members. It allows you to block players and keeps a friends list.

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Player's List (left side)

The players list is orginized in 5 groups. The names are self explanatory.

Searching for a player

Online Players group will only return 200 random players currently online. We recommend to search for players, rather that relying on the list. Type portion of the player nickname and get a short list that matches your search criteria.

When you select a player on the left, the profile ont he right is updated.

Player's details (right side)

The right hand side is straight forward. You can see the player stats, the table, the player is at or send a message.

Green Main Menu

On the left side of the of the green menu you see the player's nickname. On the right hand side we show you appropriate actions like Add Friend, Remove Friend, Block or Unblock players.

Adding Friend

Adding a friend goes both ways, you add a friend and you are added to that players friends list. If a player is blocking you you can not have it as a friend. If you are blocked by a player and you wish to add it as a friend we will sent 'Unblock request' on your behalf.

Blocking Player

Blocking a player works both ways as well. You block a player, you end up on that players blocked players.

Unblocking Player

Unblocking players works one way, you unlock a player on your end.