Extra Tournaments (Bridge Events)

Competitions like Bermuda Bowl, ACBL Nationals, US Team Championships, European Championships, Vanderbild feature the top competitive players from around the globe. Shark let's you play and study boards played by the masters of the game. Each board has complete auction and play record.

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When you go to Tournaments (Heart) tab for the first time you get a list of currently available tournaments. You can sort the events 'By Year' or 'By Event'.'

Stages Details

Let's look at 2013 Bermuda Bowl.

Now that you have selected '2013 Bermuda Bowl', Shark lists the stages of the event.

Notes: You can go back to the list of tournaments from the 'Events' button.

Session Details

Lets have a look at the Semi Final A (Monaco vs USA 1). .

Each stage has a number of sessions. Each session has number of boards, usually in the 15-16 range. Sharks has all 96 boards divided into 6 sessions (segments) of 16 boards each

Notes: You can go back to the list of stages from the 'Stages' button.

As soon as you select a session, from tabs Open and Closed rooms you can see who played for each team. We will not show you the board results for the boards you have not played yet. Those of you, that would rather see how each board was played before trying it, can use 'Show Results' button.

Playing a board

Just touch on the line of a board you would like to play. 'Next Deal' from the Bridge Table Extra Menu will move you to the next board.

So now that we have played and scored 5 boards you can compare your results with the competing pairs.

Note: To get a complete board review with auction and play 'Touch and Hold" on a board line.

Board Review

"Touch and Hold" on a board line to get a complete review. Board review is also available from the 'Score' button in Extra Menu on the Bridge Table.

Board review gives in three different slides with complete comparison of your score, bid and play and that of Open or Closed table, as well as comparison between Open and Closed table.