Getting Started

As with any bridge game the most used screen is the bridge table, so this is where we will start. We have tried our best to design the table in a such a way that you don't need to read this document. Any suggestions are very welcomed.

Important Notes:

Makign a bid or playing a card : by default when you lift your finger from a card or bid it is executed, if you first move your finger away and then release the action is canceled. From 'Settings' you can enable 'long touch' for bid and plays , that is if you touch and hold a card or a bid then it is executed.

To bring exra menues for each of the hands swipe horizintaly bottom or top hand, swipe vertically for hands on the left or right.

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This is the layout of our bridge table.


There is 1 menu with 4 buttons.

  • Hint : when it is your turn to bid or play you can ask for a hint. Hints come with a different degree of explanation. Hint is not available when you compete in Daily Tournaments.
  • Forward : anytime you would like the computer to play for you touch 'Forward'.
  • Undo : let's you undo your last bid or play, you can use it at any time. Not available when you compete in Daily Tournaments. In Online play the approval of your opponents is required.
  • Extra Menu : shows extra table Menu with additional actions.

Extra Menu

There are 4 groups of buttons.

Navigation menu (on the top)

  • Leave : closes the table and the deal.
  • Replay : replay a deal, that button is disabled when not appropriate .
  • Next Deal : go to Next Deal, you can use it to skip deals, as well as advance to the next deal after scoring the current one.

Game menu (2nd from top)

  • Score : displays the current score.
  • Deal Analysis : shows you useful info about the auction and play, as well as Par Contract Calculator.
  • Settings : allows you to update settings.

Review menu (3rd from top)

  • Review : will show you all tricks.
  • Save : let's you save a deal to your Personal Deal Library.

Play menu (bottom center)

  • Claim : you can claim the rest of the tricks when you are leading to the trick and after the fifth trick. Shark Bridge can accept or deny the claim.
  • Show / Hide All : pretty clear, lets you play with all hands facing up, not available in competitive modes.

Touch and action

There are a number of touches and long touches (touch and hold) that you can use on the table. Let's quickly review them.

Bidding keyboard

  • Touch : will make the touched call/bid. Inappropriate bids are disabled and not available. The keyboard will scroll to 6 and 7 level when appropriate.
  • Long touch : when it is your turn to bid, touch and hold a bid to get it's explanation. Explanations details are not available for all bids in all situations, we are working on adding more.
  • From settings you can swap the gestures' actions.

Auction list box (bellow North hand tray)

  • Touch : touching a bid will show you meaning, note not all bids in all situations produce an explanation.
  • Long touch : let's you change any bid made by you or the computer.

Hand tray

  • Swipe horizintaly bottom or top hand, swipe vertically for hands on the left or right : available in Online play, it will let you invite or boot a player, check players stats, add player to your friends.
  • Touch a card or "touch and hold" : the card is played.
  • Move away your finger from a selected card to cancel the action.
  • From settings you can swap the gestures' actions.

Current trick - center of the table,

  • Touch and hold any card to the current trick : hold the card until it's picked up, you can now change it with any valid card you like.