Online Bridge Club

Playing with the computer is nice, but playing with your friends is even better. Now you can no matter where your are. Shark will substitute for any vacant seat on your virtual bridge table.

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Table's List

The list of tables is pretty straight forward. When you open the Bridge Club (Diamonds) tab we will list all table that have available seats. You just touch on Play for ... button and you will be seated on that table. If your like to kibitz touch on Watch.

Table colours

The colour indicates the skill of the table. At this time we do not enforce any player ranking requirements, leaving it to the player to choose based on his self assesstment. In the near future more strict rules will be enforced on who can play skilled and very skilled tables.

  • Green : is a beginer table. Shark robots play and understand a minimal set of conventions. The robots also will use minimal thinking time, affecting the end.
  • Blue : is a intermediate table. The play is better that beginner, however the end play might take a bit more time.
  • Red : is a skilled table. The play is better that intermediate, however the end play might take a bit more time.
  • Black : is very skilled table. The play is better that skilled, endplay can take a few seconds.

Table Bidding System

The bidding system for East and West are marked ont the bottom of the table box. At this time both NS and EW robots play the same system. In near future you can choose different system for each partnership.

Extra Menu

In Extra Menu (top right corner ) we offer 4 filters at this time. Available Seats, Table Visibility with three options Public, Private or Friends only, Allow Kibitzing and Practice tables.

Available seats: pretty straight forward , if it check you see only tables that you can play on.

Public table: anyone can play on it.

Private table: you can be invited to it by it owner (host).

Friends only : you can join by invitation or if the host has you as a friend.

Creating tables

It is very straight forward, touch on 'Start New Game' on the right corner of the screen. Select the options for your table and press Play. Players now can join you. You have an option to wait for players to show up, or start the play right away. Players still can join at any time.