Online Bridge Table

The online bridge table is pretty much the same as the bridge table you are familiar with. There are a few minor additions that are need to communicate with other players.

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The one obvious addition is the Chat area. It will list any message from players or the server admin or you can write a message.

Write a message or click on one of the 'good manners' short cuts.

  • WDP / WDO : Well Done Partner / Opponent .
  • TYP / TYO : Thank You Partner / Opponent .
  • GLP / GLO : Good Luck Partner / Opponent .
  • Alert : Use it anytime you partners bid is alertable.
  • Explain : Ask for a bid explanation from opponent.
  • LOL : Do not use it with bad feelings :).

The less obvious functionality is the Slide on the hand tray away from the 'N', 'E', 'S', 'W' and 'i'. If there is a human player at the hand, you get to see her/his profile. If it is your seat, then you can leave it. If it is someone else you can Add / remove from Friends, or if you are tables host (owner) you can Boot a player.

If you touch on a seat that says Robot, you can invite a player. First you are presented with the group of players, selecting Online Friends or Player makes the most sense. Once you find a player touch on it's line and you can see the player profile with Invite Player button. If a player accepts your invitation it is seated and the play continues.