Personal Deal Library

Personal Deal Library is the first of the two practice tools, the second one is Shark's deal generator.

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Personal Deal Library is part of the Practice (Spade) bottom tab. Your deals are organized into groups, where we do have 3 system groups and you can add more with the '+'. You can save deals in any of the groups, however we recommend not to use Recent or Downloads, they are used by the application to save 50 most recent deals and any deal you open from your email. Press and hold on a pbn email attachment, and Shark will show as an option to open it with.
The Practice Tab provides three extra buttons on the top. 'Enter' will allow you to create your own hand, enter a hand from your club or favourite magazine. 'Random' starts a new random deal and resets current cumulative score. 'Continue' will continue playing the last Practice or online hand, and keep the cumulative score, it will also let you continue playing any saved deal.

Deal preview

Once you select a deal Shark will shows you the full data for the hand.

Screens with analysis

  • First screen: by default we will not show you all 4 hands, but rather South's and Dummy's. Here you can see also the hand description.
  • Second screen : this you can see the full action.
  • Third screen : will show you complete tricks review.

Extra Menu (top right corner)

  • Show All/ Hide All : shows / hides all the hands.
  • Edit : allows you to change any deal as you can see fit.
  • Email : let you email the deal to anyone as a pbn file attachment.
  • Print : those of you that have Air printer can print out the deal.
  • Replay : this button will let you play the deal ignoring any preconfigured Auction or Play.
  • Play : this button will let you play or continue the deal.

Add/Edit a deal

To add a new deal touch on the "Enter Hand" or "+" when you are in the group you want to save the deal. You will see the familiar table screen with different menu with suit names and 13 cards to choose from.
Touching the Dealer will change it, the same goes for the Vulnerability.

Selecting the cards

  • 1.Slide on the tray you would like to add or remove cards from.
  • 2.Touch on a card from the deck, it will move to the selected hand tray. If you would like to remove a card from the hand tray, touch on it.

Note: Any hand with less than 13 cards will be randomly completed from the remaining cards. 'Reset' allows you to reset all cards from trays.

Adding the Auction

You can move from entering cards to the Auction any time by pressing Auctionbutton.
If you have not assigned all 52 cards they will be randomly assigned for you.
The dealer will be selected with white boarder around the hand try.
You can select a bid for the dealer from the Bidding keyboard (bottom right corner). You can continue the bidding until 3 consecutive passes, or save at any time before the auction is over.

Note:You can use Undo or Reset buttons to correct bid or clear the auction.

Playing out the hand

If you reached a contract you can add an opening lead and as many plays as you need. You can save the deal at any time. The current player will be highlighted as you move through the play and you can choose a card from the hand.
Illegal Bridge plays will not be allowed.

Note: Reset button clears any played cards. If there is no lead, Reset will send you to the Auction.

Extra Menu

  • Leave : leave the entering and come back to personal deal library.
  • Review :
  • Save: let you save the deal.

To save the deal at any time press 'Save' . You get to choose a group to save to, you can create new group with the '+' button.

After selecting a group, enter a Deal name (visible in the list of deals). Adding additional notes to the deal is optional.

Touch 'Save' to complete the process.