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Team Game in a lesson, lesson as a Team Game

We have partnered with Bridge Finesse, owner of The Common Game, to develop team practice capabilities in SBTC classroom. 
 When you install the latest update you will notice the "Server Name" parameter on the Start Session screen is replaced with the "Service Name" dropdown. The "Classroom" option is selected by default, you have two more options "Backup Classroom" and 'Teams Practice". 


Now on your control panel, you can see the 'Team Game' tab.


Before you set a game you need to seat your teams, make sure all teammates are seated at the same table ( the team table ) in the desired partnerships. CVS seating file can come in handy to pre-arrange the seating. Once this is done go to the Team Game tab at the bottom of the control panel

 Setup the game. At this time only 4 vs 4 is a available, it is a Swiss team rotation, you can have any number of teams playing any number of rounds.

Next load a deal set, and press Start Game. You will notice how everyone is rotated for round one. Let them play, between rounds you can go over the results and the hands as in a regular classroom. You can use robots to sub for a seat or a team. We are adding a team vs robot mode where all teams play vs robot teams.

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