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How to share hands with Shark Bridge App users

We are introducing an easy and quick way to share hands with your students. The requirements are that the student has the latest Shark Bridge App and a VIP subscription. You need an email list of your students because the emails that are registered for a Shark VIP account receive the hands; those that are not are discarded; we do not harvest them
NoteThis is a bare-bones module at the moment. Beautification is in progress since we will keep adding features based on the feedback from teachers and students.

Here are the simple steps on the teacher's end:

  1. Right click on a group of hands in your Deal Library and choose "Share." You will see a screen like the one on the left. 
  2. Copy and Paste (or type if only a handful) email addresses, one per line. 
  3. Select the options you want for the play link.
  4. Click "Share"
  5. That group of hands is now available in Classroom hands module to those Shark accounts on the Shark Bridge App and in a web browser. 

If we cannot match an email to an existing Shark account, we will discard it.

On the Student's End

  1. Open Shark
  2. Click / Touch Classroom Hands 
  3. A screen like the one below comes up.
  1. By default, Shark Bridge Classroom comes up.
  2. If the students have some other classroom connected at the time, they can quickly switch by clicking "Select Classroom" and then select "Shark Bridge Classroom."
  3. To play boards from a particular file, the student clicks "Open".