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How to: All students play declarer at the same time

Here is how:

1. Prepare the hands in the library to include the auction and the lead. As with most things, good preparation makes for good results. 

You can skip steps 2 and 3 if you don't want your students to bid the hand, and some to be aware of the opposition hands. 

2. With your students sitting 4 per table, load the hand from your deal library with the “Play” button, so they can bid the hand. They will likely end up with different auctions. Alternatively, you can have people sit two per table and bid the hand having the robots bid for the opponents (likely passing all the way). 

3. When the auction is done, from the Control Panel (above the Students' list), you can see a drop-down menu with seating options. Choose to seat them 1 per table at the declarer seat.

4. Open Load Deals, and this time choose “Play pre-set Tricks.” The hand will load the appropriate auction and the defender to the left of the declarer will lead. Alternatively, instead of reloading the hand, you can bring up your Teacher's table and quickly take your students thru the auction you want and make the opening lead yourself. 

5. Select Run Robots on the Control Panel or Teacher's Table, and all the students can all start playing as declarer. You can sit back and monitor each of the student's progress. You can stop the play when they all make the critical play. You can also stop play on an individual table to make adjustments and give tips and hints. 


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