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Simple Declarer Game Play

How to get students to bid in pairs and then all play as declarer. This game plan does need a little preparation. Set your deal so the students have a preconfigured auction and a lead. We will use NS as the contract winner. Now that everyone is connected (seated or not---it does not matter ).

  1. Load a deal from your library by selecting a hand and pressing “Play.”
  2. Select to auto seat players 2 per table NS.
  3. Run Robots -> and watch them bid. 
  4. Press Stop Play when it is time to talk about the auction.
  5. If you want to discuss the auction, bring up the Teacher's Table. Start bidding the hand, and all students will watch as you make the correct bids from each position. If you finish the auction, you can skip the next step. 
  6. if you have not finished the auction on the Teacher's Table, load the same hand from the deal library but use “Play pre-set tricks.”
  7. From Auto-seating drop-down choose 1 per Table S or N, based on the declarer.
  8. Press “Run Robots,” and students now can now play the hand.
  9. Press “Stop Play” when it is time to talk about the hand or move to the next hand. 



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